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What kind of changes will there be compared to the former Elder Scrolls Games

  • Players will be unable to contract Vampire and Werewolf diseases, but there will be Vampires and Werewolves in the game.
  • Fights will no longer be in real time. See PvP.
  • Presently, there are no plans to include a system that allows players to invest in property as they could in the single-player experience.
  • You will not be able to fast travel from any point of the map, but fast travel will still be available. Travel from wayshrine to wayshrine to get around Tamriel. Wayshrines will also be the places you come back to life after being killed.
  • A new AI system will be used for all NPCs. Instead of everyone going to sleep at night, NPCs will not have the same schedules as older Elder Scrolls games. This was done to allow people to play on their own time.
  • Public Dungeons will be returning to the MMO scene. These dungeons are not separated from the rest of the world. They're designed in a way to allow groups of players to team up and work through the caves or ruins.
  • Mundus Stones will be set throughout the world, each with specific constellations and powers tied to them. Find one and activate it to tie the powers to your character.
  • Marriage and relationships will be confined to inter-player relations, rather than arrangements with NPC characters.
  • TES Online will be seen from a third person perspective, and skills will be activated from a hotbar.
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